Top 9 Items for a Stencil Graffiti Artist

In order to get started in Stencil Graffiti art, you need to own the right gear. So here’s a shopping list of equipment that will do the trick. Some of these are on the higher end of the scale so you can just use this as an example if you like. Just remember, make sure if you’re opting for cheaper alternatives that the equipment is of very high quality, from trusted sellers.


3M Half Mask Respirator

An incredibly important piece of equipment to wear whenever creating your masterpieces! Regular exposure to spray paint fumes can be hazardous to your lungs which can increase the chance of health issues such as cancer. Get yourself a respirator if nothing else!

DEWALT Safety Goggle

Obviously, you need your eyes to create and appreciate any artwork, graffiti or other! So it’s important to keep your eyes healthy. Spray paint particles are incredibly fine and can get everywhere, especially when you’re in close proximity to it. The chemicals in the paint can get into your eyes and can lead to several health issues, including blindness in severe cases. No artist wants that! Be safe, get some goggles.

Latex Disposable Gloves

Opting for gloves will make things much easier for you! When you’re using spray paint, it’ll undoubtedly get onto your hands. This will make them sticky which will make handling stencils quite tricky. Graffiti artists will also know that when you use a can for a while, it gets cold! ESPECIALLY when using it in cold temperatures. You don’t want to be doing something you enjoy and then have to stop because of this issue. That’s why disposable gloves are very handy!

Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint Cans

Choosing the right spray paint is essential for your artistic creations. MTN has an incredible reputation and for obvious reasons. You’ll see the difference with these compared to the cheaper alternatives. This particular range of colors is a great starting point. Of course, there are several others available if you need them.

Montana Cap Set

 Now and again, you’ll need to replace the caps on your spray paint cans. These ones are highly recommended. They’ll last a while and produce some amazing results. For the tiny cost of caps, it’s not really worth choosing the cheaper alternatives.

Blank Canvas Panels Boards

Every artist should own a set of canvasses and when you’ve created a piece of art that you’re proud of then use one of these and hang it on your wall. Or, even give/sell it to someone else who appreciates it. They don’t break the bank and are well worth owning.

Clear Acetate Plastic Sheet

Stencil sheets are crucial to any Stencil and Graffiti artist’s kit bag. It goes without saying but you’ll need these fairly cheap sheets of plastic to cut out with your knife to create your unique stencils. Of course, you will be doing several layers so don’t skimp out of these – They’re important! 

Craft Knife Set

You’ll need some decent blades to cut out your stencils. Don’t go for the cheaper alternatives where the blades snap often – you’ll end up spending more in the long term replacing them. Choose one similar to this which is very well made and comes with backup blades in the package.

Self Healing Cutting Mat

This goes hand in hand with the scalpel! Of course, you can go for a cheap alternative and I wouldn’t blame you. I’m showing off one that I think is awesome. This one will last you a very, very long time because of its durability and quality!

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HI! I’m the guy behind this site. I'm an independent filmmaker and blogger. Links to sites and products are my personal referral/affiliate links. I earn a small commission which enables me to keep this site up-and-running and updated.

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