The Law on Graffiti Art

Not enough people are aware about the law on Graffiti Art until it’s too late and they’re in trouble. So this article will dig deep into not only what is legal or illegal but what is morally right too.

Graffiti art has always been considered one of a kind and very distinct. There are many reasons why graffiti art stands out, and it all comes down to the ideas that it represents, the very distinct visuals and the astonishing attention to detail. All of that makes the entire experience very interesting here. Yet the reality is that graffiti art also has its own share of controversy.

Stormtrooper Confronting Riot Police

While artists are showcasing their ideas publicly, they do that in less than ideal locations most of the time. In fact, most urban culture isn’t appreciated by lawmakers. That’s especially true when things like graffiti art can be seen as vandalizing buildings and peppery. At least that’s how most local authorities tend to see this. Whether they are right or not, that remains to be seen. But there’s no denying that graffiti art is very controversial, and it’s always very hard to showcase it as an art piece when it’s created on public domain.

Stencil graffiti art was and still is heavily used as a tool for protest. After all, using a eye catching, quiet and law abiding protest is has its huge advantages.

The Visual Arts Right Act states that the artists are allowed to claim authorship, to prevent the use of their name and to prevent any mutilation of their name. They can also prevent the destruction of their work if needed. Yet despite all of that, most authorities are either painting over the Graffiti art or they try to find some adjacent ways to eliminate those pieces of art.

Sometimes these are created by newcomers in the industry. Other times they are created by people that have a lot of knowledge when it comes to art, yet they want to try out some new ideas and things. Regardless of the situation, there are plenty of options to be had and the benefits on their own can be just as amazing. But there are obvious challenges that block this type of approach as well.

Graffiti art will always remain at the boundary between legality and illegality. There’s no clear way to put it in one specific category. But it doesn’t have to be a part of any category. As long as you know how to create and adapt the graffiti art, the results can be quite astonishing. It’s definitely a challenging type of art, but one that can bring in front some really good benefits for a huge range of user categories. That’s maybe the thing that entices people the most, the fact that graffiti art will always exist, regardless of the regulations and the law on graffiti art.

Of course, governments will always try to impose new laws, some may even try to stop graffiti art from existing. But we know that will never happen. As long as people will always want to express themselves, they will surely find a way to do it. And yes, graffiti art is maybe one of the best methods people can use to showcase their ideas in a visual manner and in some instances in protest!

How to Create Stencil Graffiti Art – Banksy Example

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