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In this article, we’ll discuss how and why you should tag your stencil graffiti art. As long as you have creativity and the right tools, you can create some astonishing works of art. That being said, there are some challenges and limitations for you to take into consideration. You need to be very creative and you have to do whatever you can in order to make your work stand out. It’s not that simple as you can imagine, but it’s certainly going to bring in front a huge array of benefits that you want to have at all times.

That’s why you have to think about anonymity. Some artists want to stay anonymous, they do their artwork just for practice. But if you are really serious and the stuff you create is a work of art, then you definitely have to think about protecting it in any way you can. Protecting artwork like this is far from easy, in fact it can be quite challenging, but it does come with its own set of benefits to be honest.

And that’s where tagging comes into play. Tags are signatures created by artists as the means to protect their graffiti. You can be as creative as you want with your tag, as it enables you to showcase what art you created and so on. It’s the best way you can stay recognizable out there, and it’s definitely the best method you can use to stand out of the crowd for sure. You don’t have to opt for tags that are way too big. On the other hand, tags that are too much in your face aren’t that good either. Making the tag subtle and trying to seamlessly add it can definitely be an amazing opportunity for you!

Aside from that, you do want to remember what pieces you worked on and so on. So yes, tagging does make a lot of sense. That doesn’t mean all artists need tagging. A good example is Bansky. He doesn’t always use a tag, but he does have a distinct style, so it’s really easy for him to create an artwork and people will know who created it.

Yes, you will end up with a debate most of the time. How important is it to tag your stencil graffiti art? Is this mandatory or not? Some people say that it can be mandatory, others not so much! The idea here is to create a tag as a beginner, so you can make a name for yourself. And once you establish yourself you will have no problem ditching the tag if you want to. It’s the best option but in the end it all comes down to you as an artist.

After all, each artist has their own personal preference, so trying to integrate something very specific may or may not work. As long as you know how to tackle all these things, you won’t have a problem reaching the best outcome. But remember, tagging is a good option for newcomers that want to make a name for themselves and to improve their portfolios.

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