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Importance of BANKSY and the Stencil Graffiti Art Scene

Banksy, born and raised in Bristol, UK, is more than just an artist, he managed to evolve a form of art that enables people to express themselves in any way they see fit. In this article we’ll look into the importance of Banksy and the stencil graffiti art scene. Not only is Banksy amazing as a graffiti artist, but he has managed to this day to stay away from the public eye and remain anonymous as a political activist. All of these things add up to show just how impressive and focused his work really is.

Artwork depicted by Banksy isn’t exactly simple. In fact, they are quite controversial and they do end up sparking quite a lot of debate on this topic. Which is exactly what something like this should do in the first place. Whether you love it or hate it, his work has managed to revolutionise the way artists showcase their ideas.
Not a lot of people thought that showing your art in the street would be great. But that’s definitely an inspiration to have, and Banksy does show just how well you can express your ideas in a visual format.

Some people think that Banksy is an over hyped artist and his pieces shouldn’t be receiving the attention that they do, however, the very fact that people are discussing this matter pushes Banksy and his art further into the spotlight and empowering him even more. This seems to give people a lot of hope! Everyone has a voice, however the vast majority of the population believe that their voice will never be heard. This is proven to be untrue! Just like Banksy, if you protest in the right way, instead of just scribbling on walls, with smart and well thought out stencil graffiti art then your message will be seen and heard loud and clear.

The importance of Banksy and the stencil graffiti art scene sparks a lot of debate with his work is why he became popular in the first place. If you really want to stand out, you want to generate controversy and you want to work as hard as you can in order to achieve some amazing and exciting new opportunities. It’s definitely a huge challenge and one that can bring in front some major problems. But artists like Banksy manage to make the entire process a lot more thoughtful and meaningful.

We must be clear, although Banksy who is now a household name, has pushed stencil graffiti art into the mainstream media, he was far from the first person to start this art form. Banksy drew inspiration from a french stencil graffiti artist called Blek le Rat (Xavier Prou) in the 1980’s, especially with his political messages. Banksy once explained  “I was quite crap with a spray can, so I started cutting out stencils instead”. Read The Origins of Stencil Graffiti Art to see where it’s originated from. Living in Bristol myself, I’m proud that Banksy was born in this great multicultural amazing city, however the reason why I’ve written a post on the History of this medium is to give credit where credit is truly due.

How to Create Stencil Graffiti Art – Banksy Example

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